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Duckburg is the biggest city in the fictive state of Calisota, and is also the capital of the state. Duckburg is placed near a large river. Stright ahead is Grandma Duck's farm. To the right lies the neighboring city of Turkeytown. The city Mousetown and the city Goosetown you will find if you go south on the Calisotian map.

Culture Rediger

The most important thing in Duckburg is the Moneybin. It was build in 1930 and first the villains dont liked it but now they are so proud to have it in their town that they have sat it as atraction number one in the city. You will find the moneybin in the middle of the city on a hill called Deadhorsehill.Actually the moneybin is not really a part of Ducburg at all, the hill is in fact a separated country. Don Rosadrawed a story by the name King Scrooge in the nineteens. Scrooge was so rich that the mayor of Duckburg himself went to see the sillionaire.Ducburg owned an incredible amount of money to Scrooge by all the time he had used for his companies in Duckburg. But Scrooge did never get all the tax money of the city because the evil Beagle boys attacked the same day with an evil laywer, pretty much like the Mickey Mouse character: Laywer Trick.

Geography Rediger

Duckburg is not huge, but pretty large for example the city of Norway, Oslo. The following map is created by a fan.The geography is taken from the map that the famous drawer Carl Barks created 20 years ago shaped like Donald Duck. ( Yes, Duckburg is a giant Duck)

Ducburg accurately like the fan wrote it