• "Hands off! Do not touch!"
  • Donald ignores the warning sign.
  • Donald turns the Bundle Wrapper on.
  • Donald is grabbed by the Bundle Wrapper.

The Bundle Wrapper is an attraction at the Museum of Modern Marvels from "Modern Inventions".



  • Donald is held by the Bundle Wrapper.
  • Donald as the Bundle Wrapper prepares to wrap him up.
  • Donald gets wrapped up by the bundle wrapper.

The machine takes the object directly in front of it and wraps it in clear plastic.


  • Donald's wrapped up.
  • A ribbon's tied around Donald.
  • The Bundle Wrapper finishes packaging Donald.

The machine then chooses between blue, red, and yellow ribbons and wraps it around the package.


Donald Duck Modern Inventions 061

Donald's deposited.

The machine then deposits the package down a slide.


  • Donald struggles to get free.
  • Donald's all tangled up.

The machine is dangerous as it takes whatever is directly in front of the machine, whether it's living or not, prompting the museum to advise people against touching it.


Modern Inventions -1937