D bearly asleep
D bearly asleep poster

Bearly Asleep is a Donald Duck short released 19 August 1955.


After the guests leave for the winter, Park Ranger Donald Duck and the bears all wave goodbye, except for Humphrey who's asleep on a hammock. Donald wakes him with a kick, then marches all the bears into their cave to hibernate for the winter. After getting a glass of water from Donald's house, Donald complains about all the fuss that Humphrey has given him. Later, Humphrey is kicked out of the cave for his loud snoring. After unsuccessful attempts to sleep in a log and a train tunnel, he pretends to sleepwalk inside Donald's house and sleep in Donald's bed. Wise to his actions, Donald burns Humphrey's rear end with an oil lamp to "wake" him, then stuffs him out through the firewood box and nails it shut. He fashions a makeshift paddle with a nail in it and threatens the bear with it. Humphrey peers in the window and his nose freezes to the pane. He struggles to pull himself free, but winds up inside the house again. Afraid of the paddle, he hides in the shower, but retreats after Donald turns on the water. He then hides in the oven, but again gets caught by Donald, who kicks him out for the last time. He then disguises himself as a baby in a basket and lays down outside the bear cave. The other bears take the "baby" inside, but then cannot sleep because of its snoring.