D bee at the beach
D bee at the beach poster

Bee at the Beach is a Donald Duck short released 13 October 1950.


Donald Duck makes his way to an empty spot of beach. Spike the bee tries to steal the spot first, but bounces off Donald's umbrella. The bee nestles in beside him, but Don doesn't notice and accidentally steps on him. The bee shrugs it off until Don, still unaware of the bee, brushes sand onto him. When the bee gets his attention and then retaliates, Donald traps him in a pop bottle.

Donald inflates his super duper raft and goes for a float. The jealous bee stirs up enough fizz to pop himself out of the bottle, then starts popping the raft. Donald plugs the holes with his fingers, but the bee plucks one of Don's tail feathers and uses it to attract sharks. Then he returns to the beach to watch Donald desperately evade them.