D beezy bear
D beezy bear poster

Beezy Bear is a Donald Duck short released 2 September 1955.


Beekeeper Donald catches Humphrey the bear raiding his hives for honey. The bees then chase Humphrey, who hides underwater in a nearby pond.

Donald complains to Ranger Woodlore, who assembles his bears and tells them that someone is stealing Mr. Duck's honey. The bears feign outrage. Humphrey, the last bear to arrive, is still dripping from being in the pond. When Woodlore asks him why he is always wet, he responds by making body-washing gestures, so Woodlore tells him that he bathes too much.

The Ranger then shows the bears the boundary line between their park and Donald's honey farm. Donald puts up a barbed wire fence to keep the bears out, but this doesn't stop Humphrey, who uses a sign to prop it up. After failing twice to outsmart the bees, Humphrey uses a hose to try to obtain the honey, but accidentally picks up a bucket of water, which squirts in his face and catapults, him, Donald and Woodlore into the pond, after which Woodlore hits him on the head and says, "You take too many baths!"