D chips ahoy
D chips ahoy poster

Chips Ahoy is a Donald Duck short released 24 February 1956.


Chip and Dale are hungry, but their tree has few acorns. After squabbling over one, Chip sees a larger tree overflowing with acorns on an island in the middle of the lake. While Donald Duck is taking a stroll along the pier, they steal his ship in a bottle from his fishing shack. Seeing the chipmunks carrying the boat, he salutes them and continues on to the shack, only to discover his own ship is missing.

An angry Donald catches the ship with a fishing rod and reels it in. The "captain" and "first mate" don't realize they're not in the water. Donald teases them by playing with the ship rudder, and filling the cabin with water so the chipmunks have to pump it out. Then he simulates stormy weather, and Dale gets seasick. However, he spots Donald's feet on the ground and alerts Chip, and the two are able to scurry into the cabin while slamming Don's finger in the hatch. Undeterred, Donald tricks Dale and captures him, but Chip releases the ship's anchor right on Donald's foot so that he drops both Dale and the ship.

Dale then lassos Donald and jumps back onto the ship. Donald quickly frees himself. As Chip sees this, he panics when Donald begins chasing them. However, Dale is a step ahead of Chip and has sabotaged Donald's larger boats. He cut a hole in his boat sail, drilled holes in his canoe, unscrewed the bolts to dismantle his rowboat, and tied his motorboat to the dock. When his motorboat is halted by the rope, Donald's momentum carries him over the chipmunks and into the tree just as Chip and Dale reach it, raining acorns into their boat. A furious Donald tries one more time to catch them, but slips on the nuts, falls, and causes a wave to push the ship back home. Back in their tree, Chip and Dale eat their haul of acorns and laugh at the duck stranded on the island. Undaunted, however, Donald chops down the tree and starts to build a dugout canoe.