D donalds dilemma
D donalds dilemma poster

Donald's Dilemma is a Donald Duck short released 11 July 1947.


Daisy narrates her problem to an unseen psychologist through flashback scenes. Her problem started on a spring day when she was out on a date with Donald Duck and a flower pot fell on his head. He regained consciousness soon enough but with some marked differences. His singing voice was improved so he sang like Frank Sinatra. However, Donald had no memory of who Daisy was. He became a well-known crooner and his rendition of "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinocchio (which had been released seven years earlier) became a hit, gaining him a large number of fans. Daisy's loss resulted in a number of psychological symptoms - she suffered from anorexia, insomnia and self-described insanity. She loses her will to live and points a gun at her head. She decided that she would see Donald once again, at any cost, but failed to do so. That's when she decided to go to the psychologist.

The psychologist determines that Donald would regain his memory of Daisy if another flower pot (with the same flower from the first pot, which Daisy kept as the only thing she had to remember Donald) would fall on his head. But he warns that his improved voice may be lost along with his singing career. He offers Daisy a dilemma. Either the world has its singer but Daisy loses him or Daisy regains Donald but the world loses him. Posed with the question "her or the world," Daisy answers with a resounding and possessive scream - "Me! Me! Me! MEEE!!" Soon, Donald returns to his old self and forgets about his singing career and Daisy regains her lover.