D inferior decorator
D inferior decorator poster

Inferior Decorator is a Donald Duck short released 27 August 1948.


Spike the Bee is pollinating flowers in Donald Duck's garden. He hears Donald Duck sing, and mistakes the flowers on the wallpaper Don is hanging for real flowers. Donald Duck teases the bee, getting him stuck in glue, then frees him, pushes him outside, and shuts the window. Spike pushes the key through so he can enter through the keyhole, then aims his stinger Donald's tail, but misses and gets stuck on the wallpaper glue. Spike tries to fly away, pulling the wallpaper, as Donald tugs the other end. When Spike pulls free from the glue, the wallpaper snaps up and sticks Donald's hands to the ceiling.

Spike sees this opportunity to sting Donald and dives at him, but Donald evades the bee's stinger. When the bee backs up to make a run at him, Don grabs a nearby cork with his foot and positions it just in time. Spike struggles to remove the cork from his stinger. When he does, he again dives at Donald and misses him. Donald somehow crawls between the wallpaper and the ceiling. Spike notices the lump, cuts open the wallpaper with his stinger, and exposes Donald's tail. Then he flies outside, whistles to his friends in the beehive and they gather together. Spike ushers them inside the house to sting Donald one by one.