D put put troubles
D put put troubles poster

Put-Put Troubles is a Donald and Pluto short released 19 July 1940.


Pluto is pulling Donald Duck and his little motorboat on wheels. A hopping frog distracts him, and the boat rolls over him and down into the water. Pluto continues chasing the frog, but when it hops through a bedspring, he gets his snout stuck inside it.

Meanwhile, Donald struggles to start the outboard motor. After nearly destroying the boat, he finally gets it started, but it tosses him into the water. Pluto dives in to save him, but land on the boat, springing the motor up in the air to land on Don's back. The dog throws the duck a rope, and as the motor propels him he now pulls Pluto on what's left of the boat as a makeshift waterski. They travel through a number of obstacles before crashing and landing in a heap, Pluto wearing Donald's sailor cap.