• Donald checks to see if the Robot Butler is nearby.
  • Donald realizes he's in a baby buggy.
  • Donald turns his kelpi into a baby bonnet.
  • Donald puts the baby bonnet on.

Robot Nurse Maid is an attraction at the Museum of Modern Marvels from "Modern Inventions".



  • Donald begins acting like a baby while the Robot Nurse Maid sings a lullaby.
  • Donald tries out the Robot Nurse Maid.
  • Donald has fun.
  • Donald sings along with the nurse maid.

The NurseMaid sings "Rock-a-Bye Baby" to the occupant and gently moves the buggy back and forth to get the baby to fall asleep.


  • The nurse maid plays with Donald.
  • Donald scares off the Nurse Maid's toy.
  • The Nurse Maid begins tickling Donald.
  • The Nurse Maid prepares to play "This Little Piggy" with Donald.

The NurseMaid is equipped with a bee-like toy that she waves in front of the occupant as it makes a whistling noise. The NurseMaid also tickles the occupant. The NurseMaid also plays "This Little Piggy" with the occupant. Given that most characters in Donald's world only have three toes, she only says "This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy went, 'Whee, whee, whee, whee, whee!' All the way home." After the last piggy, the Nurse Maid tickles the occupant's foot.


  • Donald shouts to his "Mommy" that he wants his bottle.
  • Donald prepares to tear up.
  • Donald cries for his bottle.
  • The Nurse Maid recognizes that Donald's hungry and prepares to "feed" him.

The NurseMaid can produce milk which she uses to feed the occupant if he or she cries for it or is very grumpy.


  • "Uh-uh. Baby fall."
  • "Hey, what's the big idea?! Let me go! LET ME GO!"
  • Donald gets hit by the Nurse Maid's toy.
  • Donald throws a tantrum about not being able to get out of the Robot Nurse Maid.

The NurseMaid has a metal belt she uses to stop the babies from falling out of the buggy

Diaper Changing

  • "There, there. Mama fix. He's Mommy's little lamby."
  • The Nurse Maid prepares to diaper Donald.
  • The Nurse Maid powders Donald's rear.
  • The Nurse Maid prepares to pin Donald's diaper.

When the NurseMaid feels like the occupant needs it, she changes his or her diaper. First she sets a cloth diaper down and then powders the occupant's bottom. Following that, she puts the diaper on them and uses a safety pin to keep it there. After that, she powders the occupant some more.


  • Donald sneezes out of the Nurse Maid.
  • Donald continues to sneeze.
  • Donald finally notices the diaper.
  • Donald sees the humor in the Robot Nurse Maid diapering him.
  • The nurse maid gives Donald his milk

The NurseMaid's only problems are when the Nurse Maid gives milk, she takes a bottle and slams the bottom of it, spraying the baby with milk. Also, the Nurse Maid can't distinguish who's in the buggy, so as long as the occupant fits, she treats them like a baby.


The NurseMaid is very calm and speaks in a motherly tone, often speaking in baby talk. She's very playful as shown when she kept tickling Donald. She's also very protective as she stopped Donald from leaving by trapping him with her belt. She appears not to like when the occupant talks back or is violent as when Donald tried to bat the Nurse Maid's toy away, she used it to hit him in the beak.


"Modern Inventions" - 1937