D rugged bear
D rugged bear poster

Rugged Bear is a Donald Duck short released 23 October 1953.


Humphrey the Bear oversleeps through the opening of hunting season one year. While the other bears flee to the safety of their cave, Humphrey is left outside and is forced to hide in a nearby cabin instead. Once inside, he is horrified to see the many guns and hunting trophies hanging on the walls. He starts to leave, but sees Donald Duck coming toward the cabin carrying his rifle. Humphrey desperately looks for a hiding place inside the cabin, and finally notices a large bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. He quickly rolls up the rug, stows it in an empty trunk, and lays out flat on the floor in the rug's place. Donald enters, unaware that his rug has been replaced, or that it is alive. Humphrey tries to remain quiet and motionless through hiccups, a burning ember from the fireplace falling on his fur, being put through Donald's washer-dryer, and being mowed with a reel mower, among other things.

When hunting season is over, Donald finally leaves and Humphrey breaths a sigh of relief. But just then, he hears a sound from the trunk in the corner and learns, much to his surprise, that the bearskin rug which he had rolled up and stowed earlier is actually another bear who had also masqueraded as a rug. The other bear leaves and thanks Humphrey for taking his place.