D the band concert
D the band concert poster

The Band Concert is a Mickey Mouse short released 23 February 1935.


Mickey Mouse's band is performing a concert in a park. They are applauded for playing music from Louis Joseph Ferdinand Hérold's Zampa, then begin Gioacchino Rossini's William Tell overture.

Mickey's performance is disrupted by Peter Pig's vibrato trumpet and Paddy Pig's tuba playing Prelude: Dawn. Meanwhile, Donald Duck rolls a vendor cart through the audience selling lemonade, popcorn, and ice cream.

While the band is playing the "Finale" segment, Donald plays "Turkey in the Straw" at the same tempo as the band, and soon the entire band absent-mindedly find themselves playing Donald's song. Realizing that he accidentally switched genres, Mickey loses his temper. Mickey breaks Donald's flute in two, only for Donald to produce another one. They play the song again and Mickey destroys the flute once more. The band resumes the segment, but when Donald plays "Turkey in the Straw" again, the trombonist pulls out several of Donald's flutes by the neck and forces him offstage, knocking him back into the vendor.

Then, while Donald tries to play the song again, a bee harasses him. When the bee lands on Mickey's hat, Donald throws ice cream at the bee, which sends it into Peter Pig's trumpet and he hits it at Mickey, thinking that Mickey threw the ice cream at him. Mickey has the band play "Ranz des Vaches" and loses his temper when the bee interrupts the performance. Percussionist Horace Horsecollar tries to kill the bee with a hammer but accidentally hits Goofy's head instead, driving his head down into his jacket, but he continues playing his clarinet from inside it.

Finally, the band comes to the "Storm" segment of the overture which summons an actual tornado, prompting the audience, the seats, and Donald to run away. The tornado sucks up everything in its path, even the pavilion on which the band is playing. The band continues to play from inside the tornado. Mickey floats past the remains of a wrecked house. As the storm passes, the band (except Horace, Peter Pig and Mickey) is thrown into a tree and they finish the overture. Yet by this time the only remaining audience member is Donald Duck who applauds enthusiastically. Witnessing Donald playing "Turkey in the Straw" as an encore, the band members angrily throw their instruments at him.