Donald Duck the clock watcher 1945 screenshot 2

Donald Duck is wearing a pie hat.

The Clock Watcher is a Donald Duck cartoon short directed by Jack King. Donald Duck's theme song is written by Oliver Wallace.


Donald Duck is late to work that he runs super fast like Max Hare. Dodging traffic and running through the streets and takes the taxi cab to work at the Royal Bros gift wrapping. He is a little late and gets out the magnet to pull the long clock handle so he's a little early and clocks in. He looks at the woman mannequin and his face turns into a wolf head and howls at it. Then Donald's boss greets him and sings him the royal bros work song which Donald hated. After the song the toys were zoomed down very fast which took off his shirt and Donald ran over and put it back on. He wraps gifts which he does a sloppy job. First he wraps the fishbowl and stamps it and breaks the bowl. He turns the trombone into a French horn. He puts the ring in the big box while deflating the football. He also goofs off by reading his book and trying to eat his lunch. Then Donald's boss made an announcement and told Donald that he needs to work harder. Then Donald wraps the rocking chair with him in it and his boss gives him the Jack-in-the-box to wrap. Donald opens the box and plays with the Jack-in-the-box but he can't close it. First it caused Donald Duck to go sliding across the table through his lunch and all the gift boxes and got sand pouring all over his beak. He then tried various ways to get it to close it which got his head stuck in his pie and he eventually wrestled with Jack-in-the-box switching clothes. Donald wears Jacks clown costume while Jack wears Donald's sailor shirt and hat. When his boss announced that it was cleaning time Donald was excited to go home but his boss gave him extra gifts to wrap which angered Donald and he ran upstairs to beat up his boss.


  • In "Bellboy Donald", Donald's hotel manager had the same voice.
  • Donald Duck had a similar boss in "Der Fuehrer's Face" when he was ordered to work hard for Adolf Hilter without a break.
  • After Donald wrestled with the Jack-in-the-box his clothes were switched with Jack's.
  • Donald beats up his boss at the end. He did the same thing in "Chef Donald", beating up Mother Mallard.
  • When "The Clock Watcher" aired on The Disney Channel Christmas in 1983, part of the beginning and ending was cut out due to time constraints.