D the dognapper

The Dognapper is a Mickey Mouse short released 17 November 1934.


Newspaper headlines read that Fifi, Minnie Mouse's pekingese, has been dognapped. They give a description of the suspect, Peg Leg Pete. A radio transmission detailing the suspect's get-away car is heard by police officer Mickey Mouse and his partner Donald Duck. The pair soon see Peg Leg Pete speed by and they chase after him, Mickey driving a motorcycle and Donald riding in the sidecar. Despite Pete's evasive maneuvers he is unable to escape from Mickey and Donald, and they eventually follow him to his hideout in an abandoned sawmill.

Inside, Pete chains Fifi to the wall and grabs a submachine gun. Mickey and Donald follow Pete into the sawmill and hold him at gunpoint. Various gags show the two lawmen as bumbling and incompetent, yet at every turn they are able to stay ahead of Pete.

Finally, while Mickey and Donald are standing on a log, Pete turns on a circular saw positioned to cut it. Mickey and Donald run to stay ahead of the blade, but eventually the end of the log comes and the saw blade shakes loose and spins out of control. The blade proves a threat for all three of them, but eventually Pete gets his peg leg caught in the center hole and brings it to a stop. Mickey and Donald restrain him with a corset, and Mickey and Donald march Pete to jail with the freed Fifi barking at him.