D the old army game
D the old army game poster

The Old Army Game is a Donald Duck short released 5 November 1943.


Black Pete inspects the Army camp and tells himself "Hmm, the camp sure is peaceful tonight." He peeks inside one of the cabins to discover that the snoring he hears is a record and the men in bed are just dummies. Donald Duck sneaks into camp, after some unauthorized leave. Pete sees him and hides in Donald's bed. Donald Duck gets in bed, but when he realizes Pete is in it too, Donald runs for it. Pete chases Donald, who hides under one of three boxes. Donald switches the boxes repeatedly to fool Pete. Pete lifts each box many times but can't find him. Exasperated, Pete kicks Donald's box which flies over the bladed fence, sawing the box in half. Donald's lower half falls in a hole, making him think that his lower half was cut off. When Pete comes, he thinks that he killed Donald and begins to cry. Donald is so upset, he grabs Pete's gun and attempts suicide. But Pete tells him to do it "Over there, behind the bushes." Donald comes out of the hole, realizing that he was not cut in half. Donald is relieved, but Pete is angry. He chases Donald to a sign which says "National Speed Limit: 35 mi", so they both slow down, and even the music slows down.