D truant officer
D truant officer poster

Truant Officer Donald is a Donald Duck short released 1 August 1941.


Huey, Dewey and Louie are swimming in the lake, but they are being watched by Truant Officer Donald Duck.

He captures them and drives them to the schoolhouse in his truant officer van. While he gives a lecture about the importance of a good education, the boys pull use their pocket knives to cut holes in the van and escape. When Donald notices the holes, he jumps out and chases the boys to their clubhouse.

He jacks up the clubhouse to load onto his van, but they use a broom handle to press the lever to reverse the jack so it comes back down on top of him. He tunnels out and decides to smoke the boys out. Meanwhile inside the clubhouse, the boys are cooking three chickens over the fire when suddenly they notice smoke pouring in. They decide to beat Donald at his own game by putting the chickens in their bed and sneaking out. Donald peeks inside to see if his ploy has worked, and is horrified to see the chicken bodies in the bed.

Donald is very beside himself as he thinks he cooked the nephews alive. Then, Huey disguises himself as an angel and is lowered into the clubhouse. He kicks Donald in the rear, but the windup for a second kick causes him to fall and his disguise falls off. Donald finally captures them and marches them to school. As they reach school, Donald is shocked when he notices that school is closed for the summer holidays. The nephews give him an angry glare and Donald literally shrinks from embarrassment.